Together As One

Dutch Design Week

24 / 10 / 2022

The international design platform, Isola Design District, is bringing over a hundred designers and their projects to the Irisbuurt district in Eindhoven, further expanding its borders with seven forward-looking exhibitions in four locations focused on circular furniture, collectable pieces, biomaterials, and innovative techniques.

Together As One is Isola’s theme for its fourth participation at Dutch Design Week. It is the common thread of all seven exhibitions, an encouragement to exchange knowledge and expertise in an effort to lead each party involved to become a part of a conscious whole that no longer considers design merely as the result of a process but the process itself.

The key locations and exhibits for this year are:

Pennings Foundation - Geldropseweg 63, Eindhoven. Inside the brilliant Pennings Foundation gallery, recently nominated for the Eindhoven Culture Prize 2022, Isola returns with Isola Design Gallery and a selection of Rising Talents.

Schellens Fabriek - Bleekweg 1, Eindhoven. Isola returns to the former textile factory hall of Schellens Fabriek, in the heart of Eindhoven, with three different exhibitions; Materialized, No Space For Waste and No Time For High Fives.

Burgers - Hertogstraat 2, Eindhoven. An exhibition titled ‘The Kids Are Playing Around The Pool’ provides the opportunity to experience an immersive space curated by Isola, together with the design studios based there, jam sessions, live concerts, and vegetarian dinners.

Centraal Station - Central Hall, Stationsplein 22, Eindhoven. The space dedicated to Isola will display a selection of design pieces that embody both the uniqueness of craftsmanship and the fresh spirit of innovation.



Designers in shot:

@yamazawahideyuki, @sunriudesign, @sjoerdgeerts, @cengizhartmann, @studiomaximilianbeck, @lucaszitolouisor, @deszoffice, @kunst_s, @lokareboon,, @mari.koppanen, @designingferal, @salome_maarek, @vers_la_vie, @myceen_com, @riya.kuvavala, @yhbaiiii, @yuval.yh, @_sages,, @ori_orisun, @raphael.nahmias, @markos_design, @alexandrelabruyere and @procedes_chenel.

Head over to @isoladesigndistrict for more information.