Box Clever

S2 EP9

03 / 11 / 2022

Up next in season 2 of #studiosessions is Box Clever, an award winning design studio based in San Francisco, founded on curiosity, creativity, and business-oriented partnership.

2022 marked the studio’s 10 year anniversary and their portfolio shows a relentless pursuit of building products and experiences that delight consumers and build category-leading brands. Away, Caraway, Nebia, Clip, Eddi, Knoll, Intuit, and Google are just a few of their partners over the years, utilising the studio’s expertise in Design, Strategy, Brand, and Entrepreneurship.

Founder, Bret Recor, is an industrial designer, entrepreneur, investor, and thought partner. “We are changing how we create value with design for companies by engaging as a partner instead of a vendor. Our creative process leverages our extensive design and business experience to grow companies into transformative brands that will lead industry and humanity to be better.”

Design Burger is also partnering with the @bxclvr team to host the live exhibition of our Design Dialogues interview series. The exhibition will showcase original sketches from world-renown designers, giving the design community an intimate insight into the minds behind some of the best in the industry. Come on down and we look forward to meeting you all there!

Head over to Box Clever to check out their portfolio of work.