The Choir

Eight wooden dolls, made to serenade you with a repertoire of choral classics and perform custom compositions. 🎶

Each member has their own characteristic vocal range - individually one can sing a dynamic solo, together they perform an immersive a cappella concert. The pre-programmed repertoire of classic songs have been created and performed using an algorithm based on counterpoint melody, a compositional technique that refers to the independent but complementary relationship between two or more lines of melody played at the same time.

Tap, tilt or smack to get the choir started; a sensor inside the speaker module reacts to vibration and movement, creating a playful user experience. While each is given their own voice type, a single doll can customize their vocal range to sing a dynamic solo performance. When more than one member of the choir are placed together, in any combination, they communicate with each other, and recognise the choral members in range, joining in a full choral experience. 🪆

Designed by the talented team @teenageengineering

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