An adaptable, affordable, comfortable chair for everyday life.🪑

Inspired by the traditional techniques of furniture making where chairs consist of a structuring belt on which a thin layer of material is added to form the structure, this chair is made out of just three parts. The familiar shape makes it calm and has been designed to fit within the environment rather than being the centre piece. “It’s not precious. It’s designed to get scratched and bare the scars of use. It’s a chair we use to reach the highest shelf.” Midi chair is stackable, up to 7 on the floor and 14 on a stacking trolley. It comes in a variety of colours and finishes such as plywood, plastic, canning as well as options for upholstered details, cane work and different colour plastic seats; making the chair suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.🛋️

Designed by Micael Filipe @mitchovsky & Romain Viricel @romainviricel of @filipe_viricel

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