Reimagine - Tom Dixon x Visune


11 / 12 / 2023

Our jury have delved into the extraordinary submissions of the first Reimagine episode in collaboration with Tom Dixon and Visune. With over 100 entries, the commitment and creativity displayed was truly awe-inspiring. A heartfelt thank you to all participants!

Winner - David Olivares

David’s Melt Bar Floor Lamp, animated to perfection, skilfully captures the fluidity of molten glass - a true masterpiece that left Tom Dixon’s reaction as simply “Wow.”

“Just like the originals, this design is evocative of molten glass. I drew inspiration from the concept of ‘melt’ as a transformative process.”

Design Burger - Tom Dixon - Visune - Reimagine - David Olivares

Runner-Up - Adam Weir

Adam’s Melt Hourglass stands as a timeless marvel, meticulously retaining the essence of the Melt range. His exceptional simulation demonstrated the functionality, and intricate details in packaging showcased wrapped up the entry perfectly.

“The Melt Hourglass is an extension of the melt lighting range. The design language and form are driven by the existing lamps in the melt range.”

Design Burger - Tom Dixon - Visune - Reimagine - Adam Weir

Runner-Up - Liam de la Bedoyere

Liam’s ‘Encased’ reimagines the Melt Portable lamp with captivating ingenuity. His adaptation of the melt shape into a cuboid form, coupled with meticulous details, caught the eye of the jury.

“I have reimagined Tom Dixon’s Melt Portable lamp by enclosing its melted element in a perfectly formed cuboid, the idea that the element is too hot to touch”

Design Burger - Tom Dixon - Visune - Reimagine - Liam de la Bedoyere

Runner-Up - Junhyeok Hugo Oh

Junhyeok’s bowl-shaped lamp seamlessly integrates sleek Tom Dixon design into a functional masterpiece, explored beautifully through prototyping. A standout entry that impressed the eyes of our jury.

Design Burger - Tom Dixon - Visune - Reimagine - Junhyeok Hugo Oh

Huge thanks to our esteemed jury: Tom Dixon, Creative Director at Tom Dixon, Emilie Robinson, Creative Director at Map Project Office; and Liam Martin, 3D Artist & Founder of Visune.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Reimagine coming in the new year!