Internship Pledge

With Design Truth

29 / 04 / 2022

Together with @wespeakdesigntruth, we believe there needs to be greater openness, transparency, equal opportunity, diversity and fairness in our industry. Unless we value our own, how can we expect other industries to understand the value of Industrial Design?

We’re joining forces with Design Truth, and hopefully, all individuals and businesses operating in our industry, to change the narrative. This starts with fair pay and a level of respect given to young talent in ID, which means paying interns a living wage.

What does this mean for us moving forward? Design Burger will now only be working with companies and individuals who believe in and action the living wage pledge within their organisation. Over the next year, we will also be utilising our platform to help progress other important initiatives surrounding sustainability for people and the planet.

Visit for more information on the initiative and how you can sign up.