Hideki Yoshimoto


08 / 08 / 2022

We’ve partnered with Copic to bring interviews from top designers from around the globe.

This Design Dialogues features Hideki Yoshimoto, founder of Tangent; with one question printed on each card and using only a pen to answer, here are his responses.

“Hideki Yoshimoto is a designer and engineer, working on a wide range of creative and technology projects. He studied aero-astro engineering at the University of Tokyo and subsequently carried out PhD research at the Royal College of Art. In 2015 Hideki founded Tangent, a London-based design and invention brand. The brand explores and proposes unique ideas which bring the latest technology to people’s lives to improve and help them. Interweaving technology with design at the most sophisticated level, Tangent promises a wholly novel yet somehow familiar experience.”