Design Dialogues Exhibition

San Francisco 2022

07 / 11 / 2022

Our second Design Dialogues exhibition, hosted at Box Clever in San Francisco, was over in a flash. For one night only we presented our interview series, Design Dialogues, a collection of illustrated interview-style questions from world-renown designers. We set out to give the design community an intimate and original insight into the life and work of some of the best in the industry.

The exhibition featured the 10 designer’s from our debut in Milan, including Michael Young, Kickie Chudikova, Yeongkyu Yoo, Tim Rundle, Sebastian Bergne, Ionna Vautrin, Hideki Yoshimoto, Karim Rashid and duo Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd. In addition to these creatives, San Francisco’s very own design duo Mike & Maaike presented their own sketched Design Dialogues questions for the very first time.

With a huge hand from the Box Clever team, the space was put together in one day. Akin to Milan, the team strived for an immersive, 360-degree experience for our visitors, incorporating an interactive sketching experience within the space. Our tech and product partners, Concepts App and Noho provided our visitors with a comfy seat and tools to answer their own Design Dialogues questions and pin them to a wall, which grew in scale throughout the night.

The space was kitted out with some of the best audio in the industry, courtesy of Syng. A big thanks to Co-founder Damon Way for going above and beyond, driving from LA to San Fran, bringing the sound with him. Our drinks sponsors Angels & Cowboys and Strike Brewing made sure that there was plenty to go around and that no one was there empty handed.

It was a brilliant evening, meeting, speaking and catching up with new and old faces. Keep an eye out for our next one!

Thanks to our partners:

Box Clever - Concepts AppNohoSyngAngles & CowboysStrike Brewing

Photography by Grady Brannan and the Design Burger team.