An electric, semi-autonomous, all-terrain four-wheeler designed to handle the unique needs of regenerative farming. 🚜

Today, the machines employed for farming at scale contribute heavily to global greenhouse gas emissions, and negatively impact the ecosystems we all rely on for healthy food cultivation. With the Kibb, CAKE aims to provide a lower-impact agricultural transport option and support a growing movement toward sustainable farming.

The Kibb will be a multifunctional battery-powered ATV capable of operating with or without a human driver. The modular body of the Kibb will have different attachment points to allow for compatibility with a wide variety of ATV accessories. It can also act as a mobile power station, providing the farmer with a new best friend to perform the day to day duties associated with regenerative agricultural life. The ATV will also be able to perform simple tasks autonomously, which will free up time to focus on other farm or ranch related tasks while the Kibb is at work. First conceptualized by Fanny Jonsson, a Swedish transportation designer, during her Masters thesis work at Umeå Institute of Design the Kibb is due to be released in 2025. 🔋

Developed by #FannyJohnson and the team at @ridecake

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