Gaming Bike

The next generation of home exercise equipment, creating a motivating and fun way for people to get, and stay fit at home. 🚲

The team at Leap have combined gaming and smart technology to add depth to the home exercise experience. The new bike Includes gaming controls with lockable steering, a digitally switchable hub and a fan built into the display that links gaming achievements to physical rewards. For instance, if you hit an in-game speed boost, expect a cool blast of air. The handlebars have 20 degrees of rotation for steering. Buttons simulate breaking and gear change, plus there are two action buttons and a joystick to support a wide range games. To make the gaming more immersive and tactile, sensors in the handlebar track changes within the riders position. This unlocks another level of interaction as the game character can closely mimic small movements from players without added complexity.

Great work from the team at @leapxdesign 👏🏼

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