A new carbon fibre carry-on case, providing a ridged but super-lightweight companion to your journey. ✈️

MON CARBONE’s first carry-on piece was designed to reflect time spent globetrotting and the need for a lightweight durable product. This is achieved using a new and patented process that integrates over 30,000,000 Japanese carbon fibres. The result is a product that is stronger than polycarbonate and lighter than aluminium. It is only 3.4kg making it one of the lightest carry cases in the world. The case uses antibacterial lining to avoid transmitting germs and 60mm high performance wheels with stainless steel bearings. Available in matt, gloss, white and an exclusive green carbon. "I wanted to design a no-nonsense piece, something that I have always looked for but never found. Having worked on carbon bicycles and furnishing in the past we understood the techniques and limitations of the factory. Whilst this does look like a rather classic form, it was in fact a complex thing to achieve.” 🧳

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